Well then. Am back from another four day hospital stay following bleeding episode the third (never let it be said that placenta previa is boring). All seems stable for now, though it was a bit of a sad state of things to celebrate my bday on a clear fluids diet, though the lovely food services folks did kindly write happy birthday on  my jello.

(Side note: How on earth is it that raspberry jello = clear liquid???)

Anyway. Also had fetal echo done yesterday, and it was actually okay. I was terrified but…it was okay. My boy has a condition called Tetralogy of Fallot, which is a not uncommon heart defect. The good news is on the scale of these things it’s not actually that severe, and he will likely not be blue when he is born – also good. He’ll need surgery at about four to six months but once that’s done he should really be okay from there on out. So….still scared. But it seems okay. Also learned that because it’s  not that severe and because his growth has been normal and everything, he’s on the low end of the risk spectrum for chromosomal issues. I’ve had a few things happen this week that lead me to believe he will be fine…and that’s what I believe. If I’m wrong we will deal with it and love him regardless. But I really believe it will be fine.

Also, my boy? Has hair. It was waving around in his fetal echo u/s pictures yesterday. I think he’s beautiful.


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