Time marching on, thank God. No more bleeding means I am still at home (yay and a thousand times yay) and the boy is still on the inside (ditto).

I have another appointment with the high risk doctors of fun on Thursday….I know it will be fine and I am so much better prepared than last time but I can’t help but be nervous – they scared me last time. I don’t want to be derailed again. I honestly don’t think we will be – we have so much more information than we did then…but still.

While I am still not all that great a source of fun for my two year old, we had kind of a riot on Saturday. She came in and I said to her “Mouse, do you want to get dressed?” And she said “Yeah!” So I explained that she needed to choose her own clothes since mama couldn’t get up.  She looked at me very seriously and said “Mama, baby. Safe.” (Which is how we’ve been explaining this bedrest thing to her. Glad to know that’s sinking in). So she trots off and returns a minute later with a bright purple long sleeved tshirt and a hot pink knee length skirt. FESTIVE! I was like “Eh, it’s Saturday, why not.” So she climbed on the bed and I helped her with the buttons and she got dressed. She was looking at her bare feet and I said “Mouse, do you want some socks?” She looked thoughtful for a minute and said “No. Boots.” And took off. She came back a few minutes later sporting her rain boots, her bright pink and navy striped winter hat, and holding her magic wand.

AWESOME. I am so loving the independant/imaginative thing she’s got going on these days – it’s so much fun. I am sad I am missing it in many ways but am grateful to at least be home and able to see her a little bit. It’s much worse in the hospital.

I am a little bit on eggshells here wondering if or when the “major bleed” everyone keeps talking about will happen. I am praying not for awhile…actually I am praying not at all.

Wow, disjointed post much? Yeah I’m kind of boring. I will try to crank it up, particularly after the wee one is born and I can go back to being my normal dazzling self. Or something like that!


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