Hey! Did you know it’s lighter longer now?

Things I can observe from my window. Big excitement in these parts, I will tell you that for free.

I was staring at the ceiling and counting earlier and realized that I have been more or less doing this (“this” being lying down in various locales) for a good solid 36 days now. Well, I suppose 35.5 would be more accurate but you know what? I am rounding up. I don’t even feel bad about it.

Bed rest is not fun, for sure, but you know, it’s not all that bad. After all, we have wireless.

Actually, in baby growing news we had some good news on Wednesday. I had another bleed (no, people, that is not the good news) which of course landed us back in the hospital. Luckily it was just a day trip this time, but the GOOD news is that the kiddo is now over three pounds. He is 3lbs 1oz which seems just GIANT to me compared to the paltry 1lb 10oz he was when this whole debacle started at Christmas. And according to the high risk doctor they don’t even worry that much about 29 weeks. They worry about 24 weeks and 25 weeks (uh, good because ME TOO) but she said basically that if he was born now he’d be small but that’s basically it.

Now, do not get me wrong here – I am gunning for as close to full term as possible – but it’s nice to know that if disaster were to strike in some way that at least that would probably be okay.

The other good news is that apparently they are not yet ruling it out that the previa will resolve. And if it does resolve there’s no reason I can’t try for a natural delivery. Now I’m not necessarily a big “birthing from within” sort of girl – in general I feel that if we can make it work with no drugs that’s great and I’d rather have natural than major surgery anyway – but whatever is the safest way for the baby is just fine with me thankyouverymuch. The big motivator here for me is that *if* I can make a natural delivery happen then I can probably get up faster and go see my little guy (who will be in the children’s hospital next door).

So, we pray. We pray and we pray and we hope and the more time that goes by the more sure I am that things are going to be okay.


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  1. Posted by squishysdad on January 30, 2009 at 3:59 pm

    Happy 29w5d! Two days shy of the monumental 30w barrier. I’m guessing the kiddo will be up to 3lb. 4 oz. by then. Is he still holding transverse most of the time?


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