And still there is joy

It really is not doom and gloom in these parts all the time – very far from it. Our trip south was nothing short of wonderful – healing, warm, and fun.

Anika in particular was in rare form – just a riot. Wanted nothing more out of life than to wear her “plops” (flip flops) and to “SWAAAANG!!!” I guess winter in these parts is hard even on the toddler set.

We did a ton of playing on the swings (enough that I was actually sore from pushing the darn thing) and a number of other fun activities with the kids – feeding the ducks being a particular hit. It was so great to just Not Be Cold for a few days.

And we learned that you *can* in fact amuse a toddler in a car for fifteen hours without the use of a dvd player. It does take a lot of work though. My favourite tip (I wish I could find it again to link to it) was the guy who suggested throwing a box of bandaids over the seat. Worked like a charm – they are fun like stickers, take a little longer to open, and are big enough that you can find them again later and aren’t pulling tiny star stickers out of the carseat buckle for the next three weeks. All very good.

Ani also proved that she is SO READY for a tricycle this summer. And a “hat” (as she calls the bike helmet). So funny.

I just looked out my window only to see that it is flurrying again. DARN IT. Looks like it will be awhile longer before Ani can wear her “plops” again.


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