Mother’s Day

You know, it seems like everyone thought Mother’s day was going to be a brutally difficult day for me. It wasn’t though. I guess I have my daughter to thank for that – she was a complete terror on Sunday (of course). And my husband threw his back out so pretty much it was business as usual. (Although they did get me a Wii fit. Which is alarmingly fun). I guess I don’t feel that big a connection to that particular day? Or something? Don’t get me wrong – random days can be my complete undoing, for no reason at all. But Mother’s day wasn’t harder than any other day. I guess that’s a good thing.

Saturday though…Saturday was wonderful. Brandon was out of commission and for the first Saturday in a month or so we didn’t have a birthday party to go to. So Ani and I cooked up some plans to hit all the toy stores we could find and test drive some bicycles. Now, if I’d really been thinking I’d have brought my camera because WOW did we have fun. We found a store that was pretty much empty, had a full size trampoline for the kids to test drive, and about twelve different bikes that Ani could ride. We must have spent a solid hour in that store and did she ever have fun. She rode a tricycle that was selling for a whopping $275. (She also rode much cheaper bikes, thank heavens). She spent a good 20 minutes bouncing on the trampoline. She came when I called her; she didn’t need to be scolded or anything – total angel. And we both had a ball.

I even bought her a doll stroller as a present and you could have knocked the child over with a feather. Poor girl. I guess I don’t do things like that for her very often, and with her birthday and Christmas only a few days apart, presents are kind of a once a year thing for her with only a few exceptions. But I’d caught her twice this week trying to push her dolls around in one of the small wooden chairs for her craft table. Which doesn’t work that well – the dolls fall out; the chairs tip over when they hit something on the floor – she’d try and try and get incredibly frustrated (understandably). So when I saw the doll stroller I couldn’t resist.

She insisted that I strap the stroller into the car seat next to her on the way home.

That was the kind of day I live for – the kind where we go out and do something fun and everyone behaves and no one gets frustrated or imatient and we just enjoy being together and doing something really fun. That was my mother’s day. And yes, I did miss Oliver. I thought of him as I was strapping the stroller in beside Ani, how he should have been there too. I thought of him when the bike Ani really loved was pink and white – I automatically tried to steer her to a more gender neutral coloured bike so that both of them could use it. Then of course I remembered. I considered for a moment that possibility that we might be blessed with another son one day, and so maybe the point was still valid…but on the other hand, life is all too short, and you know what? If we are blessed with another boy I can buy him his own trike. Life is good when you are two I think. And it should be good. It shouldn’t be tinged with sadness or maybes or what ifs. So I think maybe we will buy the pink bike. It seems like it will be a good tool for some more Ani and Mama adventures.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Catherine on May 13, 2009 at 3:10 am

    Hello Christy. I came to your blog from Glow In The Woods. Just wanted to say how much I loved this post. Life is good when you are two. Here’s to many more Ani and Mama adventures. x


    • Posted by christybhatnagar on May 13, 2009 at 8:51 am

      Thanks Catherine! You are my first ever commenter – thank you ever so for taking the time to say hi!


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