Captain Pissy

You know, I am in a completely nasty mood tonight. EVERYTHING is getting on my nerves. I’m trying to finish this thing for Brandon’s family’s pastor, who is moving, and I said I’d do it but stupid things are making it a way bigger hassle than it should be.

The thing that’s bugging me the most is that I’m working out like a frickin machine, and my weight will. not. move. GAH!!! So stupid. So frustrating. I mean, I’m doing enough muscle building (rebuilding?) that I’m sure a good amount of it is that whole replacing fat with muscle thing. But come ON. Enough is enough, start bloody moving already scale. It’s not that I’m expecting magic or anything like that; I’m really really not. It’s just that I am working out a good hour or so a day at least; I’m eating reasonably (not perfectly but reasonably) and still I’m not getting anywhere. It’s frustrating me ever so much. It’s the one part of my life I thought I could actually sort of take some control of and yet somehow it’s totally not working. GAH AND GAH. And some more gah.

I haven’t had an Oliver related meltdown in…well, maybe weeks even. Since the coroner called? Can that be right? Maybe it is. Maybe that’s why I’m so frustrated – need another emotional outlet or something so I’m getting mad. I don’t know.

But seriously. Could the weight start coming off already?!?


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