Very Civilized.

So, Miss Anika finally figured out how to open doors. She could open lever-y style doors, but not round doorknobs (which we have in our house). The thing is, she’s a little short. And thanks to the shortness she didn’t quite have the leverage she needed to grip a round knob, turn it, and push or pull it. Just wasn’t happening. Truthfully it was okay with me because when she’d wake up in the morning she’d politely stand next to the door in her room and knock until one of us came to retrieve her. Very civilized. (Of course there were also the mornings where she’d lie on her back and kick the door, but I digress).

Two days ago she mastered the art of opening doors. So now instead of knocking kicking, I am woken up in the morning by a cheerful little thing declaring at normal volume two inches from my face “Hi mommy! I wake up! I had good sleep!”

It’s actually ridiculously cute.

The only problem is she is deciding morning is earlier than she used to. I don’t know if it’s that she actually is getting up a lot earlier or if it’s just that she used to amuse herself a little before starting the knocking kicking routine. I *do* know that I am getting up earlier. And this morning when she cruised in at 6:15am I was not happy. Thankfully my beloved took her back to her room to play for a bit (in fact he is currently still asleep in her bunk beds).

I’m not entirely sure what to do about this. We’ll see. Now we are sitting downstairs and I am reading blogs and updating this one while she watches Pingu. I had coffee. There are worse things.

Brandon has this week off, and we have Big Plans to stain our fence and get our patio going – we are putting a circular patio in our backyard, which I think will be lovely. We have a townhouse, so it’s a long way from huge but we’re doing some really nice things with the little yard – I’m really excited about it. It’s fun to put energy into making our space a nice place to be – making things grow. Last weekend Ani and I planted petunias, basil, and oregano. And our roses are in bloom and the peonies are also blooming (and gorgeous). It’s nice to see things come alive – a pleasant contrast to the winter.

Anika’s last week of school is this week – then I get to be a full time mama, which suits me just fine. We are making a list of 100 fun things to do this summer, which should be great. I’ll post it when it’s ready in case anyone is looking for ways to amuse toddlers!

Wow, could this post be any more random? I shall leave you with a picture of Miss Anika, cruising on her trike.



One response to this post.

  1. Aw what a little cutie! Glad that she is enjoying the trike. And opening doors.

    Love peonies, they are my absolute favourite flowers. So beautiful. And you can never have too much basil.

    Your list sounds like a brilliant idea, please do post it. xx


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