Saturday marked six months since you left us little man. I miss you.

I wish I’d gotten to take you outside.

I wish I’d been able to nurse you.

I wish I knew what you’d been thinking about when you stared at me so intently for so long on that last day….before everything went bad.

I wish you’d got a chance to meet your big sister….I wish I had even one picture of the two of you together.

Six whole months without you. How is it possible that you’ve been gone so long? How is it possible that I haven’t lived with this weight forever?

I love you.


7 responses to this post.

  1. Time goes too quickly. I’m often shocked at how much time has gone, when it seems like yesterday when I held them in my arms. Thinking of you.


  2. It does feel like the blink of an eye and forever doesn’t it? At the same time.

    Remembering Oliver xx


  3. Forever, and yesterday.

    Thinking of you and sending you much love.


  4. So many wishes we have. I wish they all could come true.
    Thinking of you and your little Oliver today.


  5. I lost Akul a little over six months ago too and I echo all your feelings..I want to do all the things moms do with their kids and now all I do is yearn. I understand what you are saying. I am so sorry for your loss. Wish all our babies would just stay with us.


  6. Check out my blog…I nominated you for the Honest Scrap Award.



  7. The firsts are really hard….i’m hoping the seconds (as in second holidays, birthdays, etc) get easier, but I haven’t experienced any seconds yet. This year, any secoonds for E, will be L’s firsts, so I think I have a longer wait to see if things do in fact become a bit easier to handle. Always something…



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