Honest Scrap

That title makes me giggle. The lovely Kristy at http://mooooonandback.blogspot.com/ nominated me for an Honest Scrap award. I am so very very flattered. And surprised. And also kind of shocked that anyone actually *reads* this, let alone thinks that whatever I manage to clumsily commit to virtual paper is actually of value. So thank you Kristy, so much for this. I’ve been smiling all afternoon.


This award is, as Kristy says on her blog, for bloggers who write from their heart, from the depths of their soul. The rules for accepting the award are that you need to pass it on to seven other bloggers, and you need to list ten honest and interesting things about yourself.

So first, I’d like to nominate:

Catherine – betweenthesnowandthehugeroses.blogspot.com
Salma – alsultanaa.blogspot.com
Tracey – livinginthegardenofroses.blogspot.com
Leanna – nicholastouch.blogspot.com
Gal – http://growinginside.blogspot.com
Tess – http://tesspeak.typepad.com/
Julia – http://uncommonmisconception.typepad.com

10 things about me….hm. Okay, here goes.

1. I used to whitewater kayak and rock climb. I stopped paddling because as much as I loved being on the water, the harder whitewater scared the living daylights out of me and I finally thought “Hey…why do that then??” So I stopped.

2. I still like rock climbing. I just don’t get to do it much at all.

3. I am a mechanical engineer, but I never actually worked as one. I got hauled off in another career direction and well, there it is.

4. I secretly always wanted to be a doctor. By the time I figured it out I was a good chunk of the way through my engineering degree so I didn’t switch streams. I still think about going back though. I think I’d like to be a family doctor, and do a lot of volunteer work with the homeless community.

5. The idea of a house church scared me to death when I first heard of it (what kind of crazy people worship in their house?? You need an old building! And a steeple! And stuff!) Then I came around, and now we are not only part of a house church, we are a house church that meets at my house. And you know what? It is really hard to be late for church when it is in your living room (bonus!). It is also really hard to get your two year old to understand that she can’t just play with her toys when service is going on (not-so-bonus). We’re moving the church out soon but it’s been an interesting experience.

6. I used to live in Boston. I loved it there, but lack of green cards sent us trailing back to Canada after four years. It’s pretty nice here too. Sushi’s not as good but the snow is all kinds of fun!

7. I am a closet martha stewart. Nothing makes me happier than doing things with my hands – sewing and knitting particularly. In fact, Ani’s been with my parents this week and literally all I have done is sew clothes for her for the fall. I’ll do a picture post soon.

8. I believe in Angels. I don’t think I did before Oliver died, but I do now. Not because I really think of him as an angel, but because I am pretty sure that God had an Angel with us, protecting us when Oliver left us. I have this memory of being surrounded by a soft light that wrapped around the three of us and didn’t let anyone else in.

9. I was secretly relieved to learn that our Children’s hospital has a new NICU that is opening this month. That means that even if (God forbid) we had another baby that needed to be there, I wouldn’t have to go back THERE. I realize this is silly and fairly irrational.

10. I can’t wait to have more babies. I’m terrified but I can’t wait.


4 responses to this post.

  1. It was great to read about you. I don’t think it’s silly at all to not to ever want to go back to the place where your precious child died. My daughter lived her life in two hospitals. I look forward to going back to the place where she lived, but the place where she died, we have to be sure that we don’t even drive by the building. Just passing the buildings feels like the cloud of her death still hangs there.

    Looking forward to reading more from you. Peace.


  2. I love reading what others say about themselves. Its fun to really get to know the people you are reading about in ways that are seperate from their grief and sadness.

    Thanks for sharing!



  3. I already suspected number 7. You are very talented.

    I have had the experience of being woken up by a house church. Ooops. Ani is obviously a kindred spirit of mine.

    Number 9 and number 10. Snap. The NICU were my girls were has been moved to a new site. And 10. Sigh. Terrified and impatient all at once. xx


  4. Thanks for nominating me Kristy. I’m waiting to see some pics from #7 and # 10 (how I wish…)


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