Clarifications and happy fridays.

So, I need to clarify a little after my last post. The baby shower my mom is throwing for this friend….yes; insensitive. But it’s okay. I think the thing is that this is a family that my parents have known since before I was born. My friend is six months younger than me and her mom used to “practice” with me before I was born. This girl swore for years that she would never have kids, and it’s one of those things right? Really my mom is happy for her friend (who desperately wanted to be a grandmother and adores Anika and helped look after her when I was in the hospital) and felt a connection to the girl and felt that no one else would do this and she wanted to. So I get that; I really do.

But you know what? It’s one possibly uncomfortable day. I will probably dread it and probably be extra snarky but I figure it’s just not worth getting upset about. My mom’s a good person; she wasn’t trying to hurt me. It’s a bit insensitive, but I’ll survive.

So hey, it’s friday! And you know, it’s not a bad one. Gorgeous fall day (except, where did summer go??). We met B after work at a park near the office and he and Ani played for awhile while I went for a run, then we all went to the pub for dinner. Ani dutifully noted that it was “VERY LOUD” there and thought it was great fun to use her “VERY LOUD” voice there. All fun.

Ani started nursery school recently – she just goes three mornings a week – and you know, it’s kind of hilarious. She seems a bit nervous going in but apparently shakes it off fast – she apparently told the teacher she “couldn’t come to the door right now because she was talking to her friend” when I showed up to get her. Hee. Of course when I asked her about her friend she blinked at me blankly and said “I glue hearts!” Huh.

She’s getting all social on me – tonight she stopped to chat up the soccer goalie – while the game was in progress – on our way to dinner. She let him know that she LIKES soccers (sidenote: all sports plural to Anika. Basketballs. Soccers. Etc.), and that she was going to have dinner now with mommy and daddy. This random conversations with strangers thing should probably make me nervous but in truth it slays me. I think it’s so funny that she’ll cheerfully go and chat up people.

Happy weekend – go drink some wine.


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  1. Ani’s so sweet…I’m in stitches just reading about it.


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