So I’ve been promising to upload pictures for awhile. I still don’t have any new sewing pictures taken (BOO) but here’s some shots from my brother in law’s wedding, and of our trip to the beach. (Yeah, most of them are Ani. But you know, am kind of biased. Feel free to move along if this is boring!

This is Ani and I, trying on our dresses a few days before the wedding.


There was a super sweet hairdresser the day of the wedding that did Ani’s hair for me. And then didn’t charge me a dime. AND THEN finished the whole thing off by whipping out a can of glitter hairspray and dousing her in that. She was a PROUD GIRL.


And this would be my little flower girl checking herself out in a mirror. I am so biased but she is freakin adorable. I love her so much.


And this is my girl with the bride.


So those are a few of the wedding pictures – or perhaps more accurately, a few of the flower girl pictures. (Again, Christy = biased.)

Then we headed off for our vacation with my parents, brother and sister, and my aunt (and her two dogs) for a week at the beach. This is not something we’ve ever done before and it was so much fun. Also, if anyone needs to know how to keep a toddler amused in a car for 15 hours? I am your girl. And I didn’t even use the dvd player. (It’s one of those things you know? I can’t bear to use it because if I do? THERE WILL BE NOTHING LEFT PEOPLE. If that gets boring then I’m out of options. So I always *have* it, but I am always to afraid to use it. I need it in my back pocket. Yes, I am ridiculous.)

On with the pictures!

Anika was terrified of the waves. So very scared. She didn’t want anything to do with them on the first day. She loved the sand, but waves? Uh, no. On the last day though she FINALLY decided it was fun to go into the water with her dad – she’d let him carry her for a bit and be splashed and then he’d put her down and she’d race back to the dry sand. Of course next time we’re anywhere near an ocean we’ll probably have to repeat the “why the ocean is fun!” process, but oh well. She had one fun day in the water!


Okay, so she was scared of the waves but she REALLY liked the sand. And also, dancing. This picture makes me howl.


Brandon took these pictures of us on the deck one night. I thought the first one was funny and the second one I just really love. It’s one of the few pictures I look at and don’t just see everything that I don’t like about myself – I really love that it captures Ani and I that way.



And finally, just as we were about to drive north into freezing temperatures, we took one last family portrait on the beach. We all look weird since Brandon had to hold the camera and Ani insisted on chewing her dress, but there it is!


Oh and hey! A picture of something I sewed. I made the dress Ani is wearing. You know, the one you can’t actually see because it’s cut out of the picture? Yes, that one. Nevermind.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Beautiful with a capital b. Oh my goodness. Thanks for sharing. Your dress was beautiful and Ani’s hair is a masterpiece…I am sure Ani’s dress (the one we can’t see) is beautiful.


  2. O.k it wasn’t a capital “B”…but it should have been…lol.


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