Joy comes in the morning.

So I realize I’m posting twice back to back but I had two very different and also very the same things to talk about but the enormity of Oliver’s anniversary didn’t seem like the place to blend other stuff – so forgive?

We had our ultrasounds yesterday for this pregnancy. A regular 19 week ultrasound (general look at all the parts and measure stuff) and a fetal echocardiogram (to rule out the heart defect that Oliver had – not a contributing factor in his death, I feel compelled to mention, though I’m not sure why exactly it matters). Then a regular appointment. Wheeee!

The upshot is it’s all very very very good news. There is no placenta previa this time (YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! Because that wasn’t fun last time. And it caused so very many problems). There are no heart issues at all. In the words of the cardiologist (a spectacular woman who helped us with Oliver and was there when he died – her face stays with me because I remember she looked as sad as I felt) “Maybe I’ll see you guys in the grocery store or something but I definitely don’t need to see you anywhere else!” She also remembered that we’re at the year anniversary, which I was quite touched by. (I know; it’s probably right there in my file but still).

He’s measuring exactly on target for dates. And yes I did say HE – Ani’s getting another little brother. We are beyond thrilled.

Last time I felt so busy and stressed out – I was still working and I was running around all the time – it wasn’t fun, and I did nothing to get ready for Oliver particularly (in fairness I was pretty much hospitalized from 24 weeks on, but still). So yesterday afternoon Anika and I went out and bought our new little guy two rompers. I intend to celebrate the living daylights out of this little guy – no holding back; no waiting until later. After last year I think I learned that you never know exactly what you are going to get so you’d better go ahead and pour every ounce of joy and excitement into every second you’ve got. I know it’s not how everyone handles it – and lets face it; I got off easy in some respects. I have a little girl at home. In not getting ready for Oliver, I didn’t have to come home to a nursery I had to take apart. It was sort of a blessing I guess.

But I have always hated that Oliver didn’t have a big “mark” in our house. He never got to come home; he never even got to meet Anika. I didn’t have a lot of things I had to put away. With this boy I want things to be different. I want to sew things for him; I want to be READY for him.

I am feeling especially lucky because Dana over at MADE is having “Celebrate the Boy” month, with all kinds of sewing projects and boy related stuff. Dana is one of my favourite sewing bloggers ever – she has great ideas; great projects. I’ve made a few things from her site – a couple of shirt dresses for my daughter; I used her freezer paper stencil idea to make beach pants for Ani too (I traced her sand toys up one leg, hee); I made the market skirt (which is SO MUCH FUN to make and so cute – hey, I should probably post pictures sometime, yes?). Anyway, if you’re into sewing or just want to be into sewing then I definitely suggest checking her site out. In fact, I demand it – go look and play. Amen. I’m totally ready to start figuring out some boy projects for the new little guy.

So now we just need a name for him. We had some girls names short listed but boys names are proving harder. It’s driving me nuts, but really, after everything we’ve been through….what an amazingly wonderful *ordinary* problem to have.


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  1. Posted by Kristy on February 17, 2010 at 7:01 pm

    What a wonderful, very positive post! YAY on your new baby boy. I love your outlook and when I finally felt that way in L’s pregnancy I did the same thing. I bought him clothes, things for only him to wear. Obviously we still lost him, but it felt good to get ready for his arrival and be excited about him instead of scared of loosing him like we had E. Congrats…and have fun with the name. We always had such a hard time with boys names and ironically we have had 3 of them. ha!


  2. I’m so, so pleased. I had a feeling you might be expecting another boy and this is the very first time that my hunch has been RIGHT! Usually I always say I am 100% correct at gender prediction in that I am always, always wrong. But not this time!
    I hope that, one day, I can follow your lead. I’m still glad that I prepared so much for the girls, that I looked forward to them so much and that they had their beds and chairs waiting for them. It feels right to me that a baby should be anticipated with joy and love. Although Georgina never came back to our house after she was born, some of the things that were bought for her are still here. I like having them here.
    Will definitely pop over to MADE. I am always so impressed by your sewing and I am currently dithering over buying a sewing machine. Jessica’s wardrobe is becoming a ruinous expense!
    So, so pleased for you, your husband, Ani and your little boy. A baby brother for Oliver. x


  3. Congrats my dear. I don’t spend much time on this blog and so miss a little here and there.

    Glad that you had some time with your family and celebrated…
    A little brother for Ani and Oliver, wonderful news. A million hugs.

    Could you email me @
    Hope to hear from you very soon.


  4. Posted by wopchr on June 18, 2010 at 10:44 pm

    Hey, you! Checking in to see how it’s going?? I think we were due almost the same day, so Im’ wondering how you are 🙂 Update us when you can!


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