Full Circle

He is here. His name is Samuel. He showed up a good few weeks early (36 and change), and was in the nursery for a day or two figuring out breathing (which, FLASHBACK) but it is so all different this time. Sam just kept getting better and he came home with me. He was 6lbs 4oz (small but mighty I say!). He looks exactly like his dad, and a little like his big sister, and a lot like his big brother did. He is absolutely beautiful. I am so incredibly grateful – to have him here; that he’s healthy; that things were okay; that he’s part of all of us – including Oliver.

Welcome to the world Sam.


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  1. I was just about to start trying to work out how many weeks you were today as (this is going to sound odd!) my sister was asking my mom how to rethread the Elna this morning and I immediately thought of you!

    I’m sorry for the slightly early arrival and the days in the nursery. Flashback indeed. That must have been terrifying for you. And 6lb 4oz is a perfectly lovely weight. Some would say HUGE 😉 Definitely small and might.

    He really is beautiful Christy! I also think he looks a lot like Oliver. I love his expression in this photograph, halfway between ‘nom nom nom’ and puckering up for a kiss!

    Welcome to the world Samuel. You have an amazing family, two wonderful older siblings and the most lovely, talented mommy a little boy could wish for. And now I’m off to sleep with a big smile on my face. I’m so happy for you Christy and so please to see your little boy has arrived safe and sound. x


  2. Posted by wopchr on June 25, 2010 at 6:11 pm

    Congratulations, Christy! I’ve been wondering about you!!! He is SO SO SO beautiful. I totally agree that he looks a lot like Oliver. I love his name. And I’m sorry about the flashbacks 😦 They come out of nowhere, I’m sure.
    Yay! Welcome Sam!


  3. Ah! Welcome to the world. Sending heartfelt congratulations!


  4. I cannot believe I came back on and off and he’s finally here. He’s absolutely gorgeous Christy, I am very happy for you, and I’ve missed you.


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