Surprise to NO ONE

Hello neglected blog!

This is…well. This is a blog that I started, as anyone still reading will know, before Oliver was born and died. And after Oliver died it became the place I came to to work through some of that.

It’s not that I’ve finished working through that – heaven knows – but I think I’m done working it out in this space. This space feels too sad to me; it’s disconnected from where I am now. Where I am now is good; where I am now is really pretty happy….and I tried to figure out a way to move this blog with me and I just…couldn’t do it.

So I think that for the moment I’m going to make the radio silence official and stop writing here (or beating myself up about not writing here). I may come back sometimes and put little things up but it won’t be the regular outlet that it used to be. I guess in fairness it hasn’t really been that since the one year anniversary.

In case anyone is even sort of still reading this, I want to invite you to check out the new digs if you are interested – I’ve started a blog called Pintuck, at It’s mostly a space I’m using to document some of my sewing adventures (I think I do better at writing when I have a focus like that), but it does venture into life stuff too, a little. And there are certainly lots of pictures of Ani and Sam.

I hope you will come and visit if you are interested. One thing I will mention is that this blog was private – no one in my “real life” circle knew about it. My sewing blog is all bets off – my mom and dad read it; my husband reads it; my friends read it. It’s not that I am desperate to keep this stuff quiet – it’s just that some of this stuff is sad and I’m not sure I want to have a lot of conversations about it with people. So if you DO come visit Pintuck (Come! Visit!) maybe avoid mentioning this space in the comments? Thanks.

And also, a very big and devoted thank you to everyone who read, who commented, who walked with me during this particular window of time. It was…not the best. But you all made me feel like I wasn’t alone. Thank you.


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  1. I’m sad you will no longer be writing here Christy but I think I understand why. I’m glad that you wrote here and shared your thoughts and your precious son, Oliver. I will be popping over to Pintuck if that’s alright with you!


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